Deb Weber

Executive Director



What makes you come to work everyday?

I know that the work we do can create a positive change in the lives of our community, those I call my neighbors and friends. Working towards a world where all people could be involved in the arts is an equitable and right thing to do, and what I was born to accomplish. I feel that it is my responsibility to help others find a positive form of expression as they evolve in their lives.  I love the challenge and all the possibilities.

What is a little known fact about you?

I love nature.  The mountains of Colorado, a sunset, the ocean and most especially a little Pekingese dog named Madison who captured my heart the day we found each other and were rescued. 

What is one of your earliest memories of art in your life?

In the first grade at Calvert Elementary I created a cover for my spelling test booklet that I was so proud of.  The cover was lavender construction paper with a tulip shaped flower that I created out of dusty rose wads of tissue paper glued on the front. Inside were my nearly perfect spelling tests. I remember that my mother loved the project. 

What make you happy?

My best idea of happy is being in the mountains with my children and our dogs, enjoying life while working on art projects. Life is good.

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