Jerry Hall

Executive Volunteer



What makes you come to work everyday?

I want to come to work each week to see my friends and do what I can to help out.

What is a little known fact about you?

I like to volunteer to help others in need which included going to New Orleans 10 different times to help victims from the Katrina hurricane and flood.

What is one of your earliest memories of art in your life?

An early memory of art was playing in the marching and concert bands in high school and college.  I played and marched at half time at the Chicago Bears games once a year for four years and marched in the inaugural parade at the presidential swearing-in for Nixon.

What makes you happy?

There are two special things that make me happy more than other reasons: 1. my children and how they all turned out in their lives, and 2. going to places where I can see wildlife/nature, like the Wildlife Safari near Gretna.

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