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At the Lincoln Arts Council (LAC)  we know that the arts play a vital role in the development of children. Whether they are drawing, painting, singing, dancing, or acting, kids are learning about themselves while participating in making art. Across the United States, local arts agencies like LAC are providing artist residency programs to students in the wake of continued cuts to arts education. In the words of American philosopher Nelson Goodman (1906-1998):

"The arts help us ask questions, explore ideas, and make meaning in ways that other disciplines do not. They also provide ways for us to share our understanding with others, share our worlds in potent and productive ways."

Lincoln Arts Council's Artist in Schools Programs

The LAC regularly applies for funding from the Nebraska Arts Council to conduct artist residency programs at Lincoln schools. The LAC is committed to providing opportunities for students to work and learn from practicing local artists.

Current Residency Programs


Can an artist do a residency in your school?

Lincoln Arts Council helps arrange residencies and put you in contact with the many organizations in our community that provide excellent arts education programming. When it comes to arts education, there are a variety of options. Contact LAC to get suggestions and discuss ideas.

Benefits of Arts Education

  • Provides an opportunity for children to build self-confidence and independent thinking.
  • Helps students engage with community, civic and social issues.
  • Strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Develops aesthetic awareness.
  • Can help troubled youth find alternatives to destructive behavior.
  • Provides students a means of pursuing understanding of the world.
  • Teaches multicultural and historical perspectives.
  • Enables students to feel successful and unique.

Click here to find current research on arts education and links to Arts Education Research Organizations.


Lincoln is fortunate to have corporate leaders who understand how much our children need the arts. Thanks to our sponsors!


Special Thanks

In 2009 the Lincoln Arts Council received a generous gift from the estate of Ken Good, a portion of which was used to redevelop our website and establish an endowment. We offer our heart-felt thanks to Kenneth J. Good for his generosity and vision for a beautiful future.

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