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Spring Fundraiser: Education Outreach, Part 2

Awesome Artists“I love to draw and I want to be an artist.” -Uyen

This young student was responding to the question of what he liked best about “Awesome Artists” after-school club at Belmont Elementary School. In this simple declaration are the first seeds of that aspect of the American dream that inspires people to follow their passion and make it their life’s work.

Do recall feeling this way as a young person? Did you have the opportunity to explore artistic expression at that time? Were you encouraged in your efforts?

These ideas may seem esoteric to some or simply childish to others. But if you think of your own experience, you will likely identify a turning point in your ideas about art in your life. The question is, was the door opened for you to pursue creativity or did you abandon your joy in creating art?

With the recent passing of Fine Arts Standards by the Nebraska Board of Education, Nebraska joins the rest of the nation in a step that confirms the importance of arts as part of a complete education experience. The Lincoln Arts Council has long participated in classroom support and extracurricular opportunities for Lincoln’s children to experience the gratification of creating something pleasing. While it is part of our mission to promote and cultivate our creative community, it is part of our passion to serve and encourage the next generations to whom it will fall to keep Lincoln a thriving and beautiful place.

2013 Spring Program Campaign


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You are a significant partner in making this happen for our community. The money you give to support the programming of the Lincoln Arts Council enables our collaboration through AmeriCorps members, additional support from the Nebraska Arts Council, cooperation with Lincoln Public Schools and Community Learning Centers and teaching artists in our community. It takes a village, indeed. Let’s keep in creative!

Our spring fundraising campaign for Educational Outreach runs through May 1, 2014. Our goal is $8,200 and to date, we have received $3,100 or 38% of our goal. Won’t you join us in this effort?

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Art and Storytelling: Jordan Buschur at Elliott Elementary

Jordan Buschur teaches at Elliot Elementary SchoolThe month of February was an exciting one for 1st and 3rd graders at Elliott Elementary School. With funding from the Nebraska Arts Council, AmeriCorps members at the Lincoln Arts Council were able to bring Jordan Buschur, local artist and teacher, to Elliott to teach bookmaking.

During the 3-week residency, more than 100 students learned the technique of folding an accordion-style book, wrote and illustrated their own story about an animal, and created hard covers for their book with mat board and decorative paper. Third graders also learned how to make a book with a spine. The students at Elliott were thrilled to meet a “real live artist” and had fun inventing fantasy stories to tell and illustrate, including a cat and a pig that move to the moon, a cheetah who fights a dragon, and a snake who has an adventure. For many of the students, this was their first chance to explore the process of story development, and they practiced a new vocabulary word: “pagination.” During the final session, several students mentioned wanting to teach their siblings the bookmaking process that they learned with Jordan – one first grader proclaimed “I know how to do something my big brother doesn’t!”

On the final day of the residency, the Lincoln Arts Council hosted a reception to display all the books created, and families and friends came to see and appreciate the hard work that these students did. Many thanks to the Nebraska Arts Council, Elliott Elementary School, and the AmeriCorps program for making this program possible for these Elliott students. A special thank you to Elliott Art Specialist Benjamin Jochum and LPS Art Curriculum Supervisor Lorinda Rice for helping coordinate the details and make this residency a success and a pleasure for everyone involved.

Photos from Jordan Buschur’s residency at Elliott Elementary School can be found on the Lincoln Arts Council’s Flickr page.  A video of the residency is also in the works. Lincoln Arts Council AmeriCorps members are looking forward to their next artist residency of the year – artist Janine Copple will be teaching printmaking at Everett Elementary in mid-April.


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Spring Fundraiser: Education Outreach

Jordan Buschur teaches at Elliot Elementary School". . . strong causal relationships do in fact exist between arts education and a range of desirable outcomes."

The title of a recent New York Times article says it all: Art Makes You Smart. We couldn't agree more! And to that end, your Lincoln Arts Council (LAC) facilitates experiences for both students in the classroom and the young adults tasked with designing and funding specific projects.

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The Ultimate Goal: Improving Lives

Improving Lives

Whether you are the one with the vision or strategy, the one with resources to deploy or the one trying to make it work day-to-day, the ultimate goal is improving lives. This seems to be a natural impulse for human-kind (broadly speaking) and is incorporated into the mission statement of many organizations. The Lincoln Arts Council is among them.

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“Because Awesome Artists is What I Do…”


Awesome Artists

Photo: Awesome Artist Rebekah
with her “face project.”
Photo by Alma Cerretta

"My favorite project was the face project... the oil pastels. Because it's really creative with cubism and I like cubism." "I would like to sign up for next quarter because I really love this and actually, by far, out of all the grades and years, I have really liked this one the best." "Because Awesome Artists is what I do. I like to draw and I like to be creative and that's how I use my time instead of watching TV." - Dylan, 4th Grade Girl at Belmont Elementary.


There is so very much to celebrate in the enthusiastic expression of this young lady who just completed the first session of Awesome Artists After School Club at Belmont Elementary sponsored by the Lincoln Arts Council and designed by AmeriCorps members, Alma Cerretta and Josh Thorne. Kudos to Alma and Josh for building education into this fun, creative experience. (How many 4th and 5th graders even know what "cubism" is?) Dylan not only enjoyed the club, she found identity in it. She is an awesome artist and she knows it! Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Lincoln Arts Council educational outreach and AmeriCorps support, there will be another session of Awesome Artists After School Club at Belmont in January. Dylan will be learning, creating, building confidence and discovering more about her world and about herself... because that is what she does; that is who she is. Awesome. 

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Special Thanks

In 2009 the Lincoln Arts Council received a generous gift from the estate of Ken Good, a portion of which was used to redevelop our website and establish an endowment. We offer our heart-felt thanks to Kenneth J. Good for his generosity and vision for a beautiful future.

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