Tahmi DeSchepper, Tahmi - the art of woven metal

Fairfield, IA




Artist Bio

Tahmi DeSchepper is a self-taught artist currently residing in Fairfield, IA. Her award winning jewelry is inspired by working traditional textile techniques in metal. Her current series focuses on weaving fabric out of precious metals using a medieval finger-weaving technique, then embedding this metal fabric behind glass. The optical properties of the glass either enhance or distort the view of the fabric creating some spectacular visual effects.

Artist Statement

I get the inspiration for my jewelry from textiles. Using a medieval finger weaving technique, I weave fabric from Rose & Yellow gold fill wire. Then I embed this woven wire behind glass I’ve fused. I’m intrigued by how the doming effect of the glass both magnifies and distorts the weave depending upon the viewing angle. I finish the necklaces and bracelets with hand woven chain designed to mimic the “fuzzy” nature of a textured bouclé yarn.

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Tahmi DeSchepper 1
Tahmi DeSchepper 2
Tahmi DeSchepper 3

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