Lied Season Tickets Now on Sale!

Lied Season TicketsGetting great Lied seats at great value it easy! It is ALL about purchasing season tickets. As we run up (or melt down, depending on the thermometer) to August 13th we are selling lots of tickets, in fact running short on several shows. Here is the scoop for you:

Message #1
Buy your season tickets NOW.

Message #2
Tell your family, friends, air conditioning technician and the lifeguard at the pool to order NOW. Cut and paste this into an email, or print it to hand to friends.

Here is the math:

Let's say you want to experience Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas. Choose three shows in addition to that, buy at least one ticket each and add up the savings. Here is an example:

I want two tickets to Church Ladies, best available 2 x $30= $60

Then I pick three other shows I like:

1 for Chicago $59
1 for Shatner's World $66
1 for Hitler's Daughter $16

Total for tickets: $201 - 10% discount = Total ticket price of $180.09
Facility Fee= total number of tickets times $1, 5x1=$5
Handling Charge $10

Season order total= $180.09 + $5 + $10 = $195.9
Average ticket cost $196/5 = $39.20 each for 5 tickets

Add these facts, not universally understood:

Season package ticket buyers are not charged a fee to exchange. Decide at least 48 hours before each show and you may exchange a ticket for its cash value and STILL gets the 10% discount on the new ticket. A very user friendly system, not found in many venues.Starting August 14 the facility fees for single tickets goes back up to $3.50 per ticket. Another good reason to save $2.50 per ticket now.

Compare all this to regular purchase of single tickets, assuming all shows will be available when single tickets go on sale August 14th:

Full price Church Ladies, 2 tickets $60

Full price Chicago, 1 ticket $59

Full price Shatner, 1 ticket $66

Full price Hitler's Daughter, 1 ticket $16

Total $201 plus 5 x $3.50 ($17.50) and the total is $218.50 (Or a bit more if you order online.) Average ticket price $218.5/5 = $43.70 for 5 tickets, compared to $49.20 for 5 tickets purchased individually. What will you do with the extra savings....treats, parking, more tickets?

The discount goes to 20% with 8 shows. You do the math. Or call Maureen Ose at 402-472-5928 and she will do it for you. Like we said, it is ALL saving money by purchasing Lied season tickets!


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