Boundary Pushing in Literature and Philosophy

Boundary Pushing in Literature and Philosophy

Click the link at the end of the article for a review by Able Greenspan of Midwest Book Review.

The new book Veins and Grains is the only one and the first of its kind.  There are first treatments of different subjects in the book although its subject matter is familiar and simple.  Veins and Grains blends together literature and philosophy through its originality, candor, succinctness, and beauty.

Lincoln, Nebraska (24 September 2012)—Bookswells LLC newly published a Nebraskan author’s work covering 135 different topics on humanity.  The new book by Yih Laur both deals with human attributes (the way people think and behave) and possesses the aesthetic qualities of language and originality of tone and style.

 Yih Laur is a minimalist, metaphysical writer.  She set out to lay bare the essence of her new book’s subject matter by doing away with all the nonessentials.  The book uses very, very few words both to say as much as it can and to work together with the spirit of poetry as close as it can.  It brings forth empathy and enlightenment through its words strung on a chain of rhythm and sound.  The book itself tells no stories; it prompts the readers to listen to their own stories from within.

 Most chapters of this book hold two themes side by side to make for engaging reading; the paired themes hold either opposites or things in between in harmony again through sound and rhythm to enable the readers to look on our common vortex of paradoxes and absolutes with quietude and ease.

 Yih Laur has exquisite wordsmithing.  Her words in Veins and Grains are rich, beautiful, lovely, profound, and everlasting.  The new book Veins and Grains by Yih Laur is universal in scope and will surely resound throughout time, said author Nancy Bolam.  Music/The Warp and the Weft   are my two favorites among others from Yih Laur’s touching, inspiring book.  Veins and Grains   is destined to become a bedside essential.

 The author was born in Hong Kong.  Her main interests are Chinese and English literature although she followed her family into the medical profession and graduated from Taipei Medical College in medicine.  Her college education actually inclined her more towards the study of humanities.  After graduation, she decided not to practise medicine and immigrated with her family to the United States where she began her self-study.  She received the Gilfillan Creative Writing Award in 1990.

 For more information about Veins and Grains, please contact Betty Lee.

Click here for information on a review by Able Greenspan of Midwest Book Review.

Contact Information:
Betty Lee (Publicist)
P. O. Box 57475
Lincoln, NE 68505

Phone 402 488 2165
ISBN 978-0-9857698-8-8
Intended Audience : The General Public
Softcover (300 Pages)
Price U. S. $20.00


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