The Artists 2014

  • Margaret Berry
    Margaret Berry

    A Nebraska Arts Council teaching artist who still manages the family farm, Ms. Berry will create a range of encaustic images for shareholders. Ms. Berry earned a MS at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has an active presence at juried and invitational exhibitions nationwide, and is a charter board member of International Encaustic Artists.

  • Larry Gawel
    Larry Gawel

    An alumnus of the "Stories of Home" public art project, and a photographer comfortable with both modern and antique processes, Mr. Gawel will create a series of dryplate tintypes for shareholders. Mr. Gawel earned an MA in photography from Pennsylvania State University, teaches at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha and is Director/Curator at WorkSpace Gallery in Lincoln.

  • Catherine Griesen
    Catherine Griesen

    A perennial favorite at the Lincoln Arts Festival, Ms. Griesen will create a unique leather bound journal for each of our shareholders. Ms. Griesen earned a BA from Nebraska Wesleyan University in art, with emphasis in 3-D art, ceramics, metal, paper arts. She maintains an active studio practice.

  • Judy Hart
    Judy Hart

    Better known in Lincoln as a theatre artist and founder of Angels Theatre Company, Ms. Hart is also an accomplished basket weaver who will weave a basket for each shareholder. Ms. Hart has been practicing and teaching basket weaving for decades. She's taught privately, at Audubon Spring Creek Prairie and Doane College. Local gallery showings include the Burkholder Project and Handmade Modern Galleries.

  • Ted Kooser
    Ted Kooser

    Former Poet Laureate of the United States, Mr. Kooser will create an original poem for our shareholders. Mr. Kooser earned an MA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and is the author of eleven full-length collections of poetry, including Delights and Shadows, 2005 Pulitzer Prize winner.

  • Marc Kornbluh
    Marc Kornbluh

    Last year's Best of Show winner at the Lincoln Arts Festival, Mr. Kornbluh will create teacups made of borosilicate glass for our shareholders. Mr. Kornbluh earned a BFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, maintains an active studio practice, and a presence at festivals and galleries across the nation.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    An accomplished flamenco guitar stylist and composer, Mr. Martinez will create a custom CD of instrumental music, an original drawing for the cover art, and provide two tickets to a private concert exclusively for shareholders. Mr. Martinez earned a BA from Peruvian Union University in Lima, Peru, and has continued with studies at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA and Union College in Lincoln. He is very active with teaching and performance.

  • North Star High School
    North Star High School

    Five art classes at North Star High School have made ceramic rattles under the guidance of teaching artist Mollie Magnuson. Student juries have chosen the ten best rattles from each class to be presented to our shareholders. The North Star students learned about the creative process, and the use of form and symbols to express feelings and ideas.

  • Linda Stephen
    Linda Stephen

    Ms. Stephen's origami art can be found in public and private collections across the U.S. and Japan, and she will create a series of origami landscapes for our shareholders. Ms. Stephen earned a MA from the University of Missouri-Columbia and was captivated by the art of origami while living and studying in Japan.

  • Michele Tilley
    Michele Tilley

    Ms. Tilley is an award-winning artist who will create a series of nature themed multi-pass prints for our shareholders. Ms. Tilley earned a MA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and owns Chocolate Cake Communication Design. She also maintains an active fine art studio practice and has a presence at exhibitions and galleries across the nation.

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