The Artists 2014

  • Heather Hanft
    Heather Hanft

    Tactile porcelain object inspired by seed pods, gourds, hives and anthropods.

    Heather Hanft is a mixed media artist interested in metaphor, material, objects and memory. She has gone from creating installations that both embrace and extend past the viewer, to now creating small intimate works for the hand. She is proud to have been brought up in the Marxhausen tradition of seeing the space we occupy as an endless source of wonder and opportunity. She graduated with honors from Concordia University with a BFA in studio art, and currently is exploring the possibilities of pulp and paper both in the studio and on the job at Porridge Paper.

  • Twyla and Thomas Hansen
    Twyla and Thomas Hansen

    Collaborative piece using a photo by Tom combined with a prairie poem by Twyla.

    Twyla M. Hansen is Nebraska’s State Poet. Her books include Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet and Potato Soup, 2012 and 2004 Nebraska Book Award winners, respectively. Her writing has appeared widely in a variety of publications. Thomas M. Hansen is co-owner/operator of Rolling Fire Catering, creating artisan wood-fired pizza using local ingredients. His photos have won/been exhibited in local, state and national juried competitions, including in NYC. Tom and Twyla work and live on the edge of Lincoln on a woody native plant acre -- filled with winged, furred, and crawly things -- which was awarded the Mayor’s Conservation Landscape Award in 1994.

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  • Carol Hartman DeVall
    Carol Hartman DeVall

    Linoleum block print, hand colored using watercolor paints.

    Carol Hartman DeVall started loving the art process as a young child. She reveled in a world of nature with insects, animals, plants and flowers, coupled with inspiration from the old, beautifully animated cartoons. Constantly creating things with her hands as a child set the path that eventually led to getting a BFA from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Over the years she has worked with papier-mâché, block printing, hand built ceramics and mixed media. Art has given Carol a multitude of experiences working with kids, the elderly and developmentally disabled. Her work shows at Gallery Nine and Sheldon gift shop.

  • Marc Kornbluh
    Marc Kornbluh

    Lamp-work glass pendant using a variety of colors, patterns and designs.

    Marc Kornbluh has been a lamp-work glass artist for nearly twenty years. Marc produces one-of-a-kind objects of art including marbles, beads, and pendants, blown vessels and cups, and sculptural glass. His work can be found at art shows, galleries, museum shops, in museum and private collections, and in his studio gallery in Lincoln.

  • Michelle Liebgott-Osinga
    Michelle Liebgott-Osinga

    Individual and unique needle felted sculpture inspired by species native to Nebraska and the surrounding prairie ecosystem.

    Michelle Liebgott-Osinga is part naturalist and part artist. Through her work as an artist, Michelle strives to gain an understanding about the natural world. She believes that having a familiarity with the native species of the place where one lives is the best way to develop and experience a deeper understanding and connection to nature.

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  • Lincoln High School
    Lincoln High School

    In a special partnership with Lincoln Public Schools, students will create linoleum prints.

    The International Baccaleureate Visual Art and AP Studio Art class will be creating linoleum prints under the guidance of Shawn Stokes. Students will design their images based on their personal portfolio themes: survival, friendship, origin stories, light & dark, dreaming, falling, friendship, mythologies, mental health and curiosity. The IB and AP students use sketchbooks to document their personal research and development of their visual ideas. The group then supports the refinement of those ideas into final production.

  • Susan Oltman
    Susan Oltman

    Portrait work in water color, each unique piece is a mugshot of men and women from Nebraska's history. The story behind the mugshot is included.

    Susan Oltman is a native Nebraskan figurative painter who predominantly works in oil and watercolor. She graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Susan’s work often focuses on emotive portraiture that recontextualizes different narratives. She has shown locally at the University, Tugboat Gallery and is a member of Gallery Nine.

  • Matel Rokke
    Matel Rokke

    Photogenic drawings created by placing organic objects directly onto light sensitive photographic materials. The Lumen Printing process is one of the earliest forms of photography.

    Matel Rokke is a photographer native to Lincoln, Nebraska. She studied Fine Art at the University of Nebraska Lincoln with an emphasis in photography and graduated with a BFA in 2001. She continued her studies, earning her MFA, at Hartford Art School in 2004. Matel’s work utilizes different types of photographic practices that range from historical processes to digital, with family, memory, and collections as a common concept throughout. Her work has been shown nationally including New York, Connecticut and Minnesota. She is currently on faculty at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha and is co-owner of Tsuru Boutique in Lincoln.

  • Katie Taylor Frisch
    Katie Taylor Frisch

    Nuno- felting locally sourced fibers dyed and printed with locally found plant materials mounted on a wooden frame for display.

    Katie Taylor Frisch holds a MA in Textiles, Clothing and Design and a BA in Psychology of Religious Belief and Women’s Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is the Owner/Designer of where she sells one-of-a-kind hand-bound books featuring handmade paper and hand dyed/printed fabric covers. Katie was recently the Fiber Artist in Residence at the Lux Center for the Arts, where she created the installation, The Calendar Project, a yearlong collection of one felted work per day. Katie enjoys life with her painter husband Tim, and 11-month old son Jonas. | Facebook

  • Crisha Yantis
    Crisha Yantis

    Clay sculptures that are each a unique character. Some pieces function as spice shakers, others as rattles and some as "wall people" with dangling legs.

    Crisha Yantis grew up mostly in Olympia, Washington. After many years in Seattle and Athens Georgia, she relocated to Lincoln to pursue an MFA in Ceramics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She makes figurative work dealing with a variety of issues addressing the human condition. She has taught at the University of Nebraska, the Lux Center for Arts, and Doane College - Lincoln. During her time in Nebraska she has especially enjoyed the amazing bike trails, walking in the snow, and the splendid cloud-filled skies of Lincoln. | etsy

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