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The Lincoln Arts Council Team

Passion. That’s the common attribute of those that work and volunteer for our organization. We are dedicated to bringing the arts to everyone in our community. If you have a desire to share your creative energies with our staff, contact us! We would love to consider you for future opportunities.


Executive Leadership Board of Directors

  • Amanda Baron, President

  • Barbara Baier, Secretary

  • Treasurer, Currently Vacant

Board of Directors

  • John Badami

  • Mark Canney

  • Diane Gonzolas

  • David Kamran

  • Abigail Littrell

  • Tom Massey

  • Paige Piper

  • Hunter Reeves

  • Tony Reiling

  • Max Rodenburg

  • Liana Sandin

  • DeWayne Taylor

  • HoaPhu Tran

  • Kat Wiese

  • Sarah Young