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Aaron Coleman

Business: Studio Coleman
From: Kansas City, MO
Discipline: Mixed-media 2D and 3D

Artist Bio

Aaron is a modern mixed media artist currently working out of Kansas City, Missouri. He considers himself a true son of the plains, and has had an abiding interest in the natural world and its mystical patterns since childhood. In 2006, Aaron manifested this aesthetic interest into a degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University. After a few years at a design firm in Southern California, Aaron resolved to become a dedicated visual artist; allowing him to truly pay homage to the wonders of the natural world. With this resolution, came a profound sense of artistic freedom and passion. Aaron began fervently expressing these wondrous natural patterns on canvas; experimenting fervently with color, light, form, and texture.

Artist Statement

Innovative technique of layering acrylics, polyurethane, and metallic enamels on cradled Oak panel. Pieces are meant to evoke a sense of depth and natural phenomenon. Spraying, flicking, pouring are used to establish layers. Then subtraction is used to reveal layers below.