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Eric Dorris

Business: Dorris Designs
From: Aurora, CO
Discipline: Painting

Artist Bio

My name is Eric Dorris, and my company is Dorris Designs. I am from Denver Colorado and have been showing my artwork all around the Midwest for six years now. As a kid, I developed a passion for drawing, and that passion has developed into a second career for me. Three years ago, I had a real thirst for some color in my art while still doing the same types of subjects that I liked to draw. I decided to play around with some spray paint, and recalled an old high school project that required me to make construction paper type stencils. My stencil spray paintings were born. I describe it as an elegant twist on modern day graffiti art.

Artist Statement

My style of painting is very popular in urban cultures in the form of graffiti and stencil style art. I've brought a certain elegance to this art form, so that consumers of all aspects of life can enjoy and want to hang in their homes. My pictures are all stencil style spray paintings that I hand draw and hand cut. Each picture has three to as many as 15 different layers. My genre focuses on iconic pop culture, mainstream film,and popular sports figures. All my work is completely original.