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Joel Sampson

Business: Copper Crane Pottery
From: Lanesboro, MN
Discipline: Clay

Artist Bio

The fluidity of clay as it is being spun on the wheel enlivens it. The subsequent drying and firing of the clay tends to deaden it. Rebirth of the clay occurs with an application of glaze and even more so with the addition of water. Like so many other things, this process comes full circle. I will never tire of this. For me to create fountains and flower vessels are a natural extension of my passions.

Artist Statement

Nature has been the driving force in many of my designs. I strive to create peaceful and unimposing pieces which enhance the surrounding environment. Wheel-thrown and hand-built high fire stoneware (cone 10). Each piece is glazed with a base glaze, carving or the addition of slip is often used and then sifted wood ash applied. Dependent of the shape and size, pieces are either bisque fired, then glazed and high fired or may be single fired in an LP kiln.