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John Novotny

Business: Light the Earth
From: West Des Moines, IA
Discipline: Mixed-media 2D and 3D

Artist Bio

Possessing a love of natural design from my youth, I pursued an education in Landscape Architecture. An appreciation and then passion for stone evolved as I later served an apprenticeship in European stone masonry. I eventually combined these disciplines with lapidary techniques creating works of functional stone artistry. John Muir once said "Art at it's highest and Nature at it's truest are one". My hope is that others will experience natures mystery and beauty and be brought to the state I regularly find myself, "Wowed".

Artist Statement

My art starts by collecting the amazing stone I work with. Pieces of Amethyst, Marble, Alabaster, Petrified Wood, Quartz and Lapis to name a few. I often find myself in unimaginable places surrounded by unspeakable beauty while collecting this raw material. I take these large specimens back to my studio where I then carve & apply lapidary techniques to expose the beauty within. Many pieces are then hand honed with diamond & water to a mirror finish leaving the stones pristine quality in tact.