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Kate Strong

Business: Strong Wear
From: Chicago, IL
Discipline: Fiber

Artist Bio

All my interest and education come together in the simple form of the hat. A fibers degree and the fascination with surface design taught me new along with old techniques that have been used by women and passed down through the centuries. World travel led me to find different hat shapes and learn what hats have comes to symbolize for different ethnic people spiritually. My interest in the creativity of fashion and the technologies of new fabrics helps me see the qualities they possess as I look at them through an artists eye. Along with the panache in which my grandmother wore a hat all of these make up my love affair with hats.

Artist Statement

I cut and sew my hat shapes using hi-tech fabrics for its sculptural qualities as well as practicality. I then manipulate and add on to the form, poking holes, hand sewing and stitching with satin ribbon and stripes of fleece. Finishing the hats with hand formed details and vintage buttons.