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M. Barry

Business: M. T. Barry Studios
From: St. Charles, MO
Discipline: Photography

Artist Bio

I am a native of Missouri. I grew up roaming the open fields and farmland of what is now, Chesterfield Valley and remember, vividly, the splendor of those meadows. I have maintained my passion for nature and love of America's scenery for the past forty years. My photography try's to evokes the beauty, majesty and humor of my adventures and conveys these feelings within my art. My photography may be viewed at the many art shows in the Midwest and on my website

Artist Statement

I try to capture personality as well as composition. To stop motion in a still, a moment the can not ever be reproduced. To show the detail of a feather or a insect that can only be seen enlarged in stopped motion. To show nature in it's true beauty as God made it.