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Mary Ann Crew

From: Prairie Village, KS
Discipline: Painting

Artist Bio

M. Robinson is a collaboration of two artists Mary Ann Crew located in Prairie Village, Kansas and Michael Holmes from Des Moines, Iowa. The work has been a long process of ideas, testing, and retesting and finally we feel it is ready for public. We are very excited about the responses we have had to work and look forward to seeing where it goes from here. Come see and enjoy the art!

Artist Statement

My work is created by the use of a colored medium base that molded into shapes and configurations, next images are painted with a tinted gesso and then once dry the images are painted with layers of acrylic high viscosity paints, once the acylic has dried each pice is hand sanded with various grits of abrasive. The work is then cleaned and finished with a glass like two part acyrlic coating which required a torch to remove any air bubbles.