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Peggy Aebi

Business: Lord's Div. Inc.
From: Lathrop, MO
Discipline: Mixed-media 2D and 3D

Artist Bio

Bob Aebi born in Heidelberg, Germany, an artist for 40 years and Peggy Aebi, born in Freeport, Ill, an artist for 8 years create original pieces together. Peggy does the painting with manipulated inks on framed artboard, then embellished with a resin finish. Bob, designs, produces and does the finish work on all pieces. He also has a love for the ocean which he uses to produce his very unique ocean pieces using pearls, shark jaws, seaweed, star fish, sand dollare shark teeth all of which fasinate the viewers.

Artist Statement

Various inks combined with an alcohol base, then painted on art board, which has been framed, then the paintings are embellished with a alabaster like resin finish which when combined with the surface of the painting will actually draw into itself the areas which have ben manipulated. This creates a dimentional field of depth which almost transports the viewer into the picture. Each piece is an original work with no duplications.