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Rob Kurth

From: Lincoln, NE
Discipline: Wood

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Michigan, I fell in love with trees and wood. I began working with wood at a young age. When I was 18 I moved to Lincoln and became a contractor, a job that allowed me to use and expand my woodworking skills. Five years ago I extended my passion into the artistic side of woodworking. I now spend several hours a day turning wood and developing new techniques for my pieces. My work embodies both beauty and functionality. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my labor of love with others.

Artist Statement

I have been working with wood for most of my life. Five years ago I began wood turning and then advanced to segmented wood turning. Although I have made furniture, clocks, and sculpture-my passion lies with segmented wood turning. My options are limitless when it comes to the shapes and patterns that I can create. I use locally grown and sustainable hardwoods i.e maple and walnut.