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Robert London

Business: Shore Fisherman's Corner
From: Chicago, IL
Discipline: Photography

Artist Bio

I am a self taught outdoors photographer. I have developed an expertise and a passion for shooting American Great Plains landscapes and it's wildlife. I have several special prints from the Nebraska Sandhills and a lot of special prints from the Dakotas. I also photograph backlit images of fall colors, assorted wildlife and some tropical and cold weather scenes.

Artist Statement

My areas of interest are American Great Plains landscapes, Midwest wildlife, and fall colors. However, I have developed an extensive portfolio of tropical and cold weather images. I have worked with both 35 mm. and medium format print and slide film. I use film speeds anywhere between 50 and 800 ISO. I usually rely on natural light. I started to use digital cameras in late 2010. I scan, color manage, and print ALL my work at my home studio. I also frame my work. Materials are archival.