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We've got big changes in store for the Lincoln Arts Festival

There will not be a Lincoln Arts Festival in 2020
The next Lincoln Arts Festival will take place in late spring/early summer 2021

Change of Date

After carefully considering how to best improve the Festival, the Lincoln Arts Council has decided to make a major timing change.  The festival will be moved to late spring or early summer.

Having an event in the fall is tricky in Lincoln. On weekends when we have a Husker home game there is competition for time, and we are limited in our venue choices. There are so few early weekends in the fall that don’t have football. 

On weekends when there is not a home game, those who want to hold a fall event all scramble for the same weekend which creates many conflicts in schedules.  This was the case Festival weekend in 2019; the list of events, art and otherwise, was extensive.

We will be moving the Festival to a late spring/early summer date in 2021. We feel that avoiding football and the many other events scheduled for away or non-football weekends will help us attract more people to the Festival. We also feel that a late spring or early summer date could provide better odds for favorable weather for the Festival.

Change in Location

We also know that the 2019 location had other challenges which we are addressing.

We are now working to identify a location that will allow for easier parking, less street traffic, and be generally more appealing to Lincoln’s art buyers. We have several locations around Lincoln under consideration and will be making a final decision in the summer of 2020.  We will communicate with you as we know the plan.

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