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Gracelynn Tamrak

Gracelynn's Clay Flowers
Ballwin, MO

Artist Statement

I am from metro St. Louis, Missouri. I enjoy working with air-dry clay for its delicacy, strength and suppleness. By adding the vibrant oil colors into the sculptures, it makes the objects come alive and look realistic. I have spent my career rendering versions of flowers and endangered orchids.

Clay flowers are handmade from special air-dry polymer clay, using steel wire, paint, glue, tape, paper and foam as a filler.

Each is cut, rolled, & sculpted with cutters, where each flower has its own cutter set. The parts are cut from the still soft clay, then formed with specially designed tools.

After drying, these parts are painted with vibrant oil colors in realistic details and then precisely assembled into a whole flower. The artworks will be placed in the pots or on the driftwoods.

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