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Jim Ramsey

Artful Wood Creations

Olathe, KS

Artist Statement

I live south of Kansas City and been working with wood for over 30 years. It was when I found curves that that I knew the direction I wanted to go. Once I have glued up the block then the fun begins. Using the grain and natural flaws the shape emerges; shellac brings out the beauty of the wood.

My band saw boxes are made from glued up slabs the process begins selecting the best looking piece for the front. Then the grain or open voids dictate the shape and location of the drawers. Moving to the band saw I slice off the back then cut the drawers based on the design. Cutting the front and back off of the drawer blanks, I cut the cavity. The backs and fronts are then glued back and everything is sanded in preparation for a shellac finish and buffing.

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