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Maggie Joynt

Maggie J Jewelry
Iowa City, IA

Artist Statement

I started my jewelry business in North Carolina in 2006, and after 12 years I have just moved back to my home state of Iowa. I design and fabricate all of my jewelry by hand in my home-based studio. In addition to metalwork, I also cut and polish many of my own stones for my jewelry creations.

I create jewelry using sterling silver, mixed metals, and my own hand cut gemstones. Techniques include lapidary, forging, riveting, soldering, and stone setting. My designs feature geometric shapes inspired by forms from nature. The use of texture lends an organic, earthy feeling to my work. Hot and cold connections create movement, giving my work a subtle industrial look. Designs are finished with a brushed patina, highlighting texture and enhancing contrast between the metals and stones.

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