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Rebecca Livingston

Rebecca Livingston Pottery
Huntsville, AR

Artist Statement

I grew up on a farm outside of Cody Wyoming. I learned to work on a potters wheel when I was 15 and found the process of creating vessels fascinating. I have made and sold pottery for 40 years. I work with my husband/pottery partner Bill Minter on our farm in NW Arkansas.

I make every piece of pottery myself from high fire, white, stoneware. The majority of the work is wheel thrown though some pots, such as tea trays, with slab rolled additions. Pieces are trimmed and dried then bisque fired in an electric kiln to 1800°. Pots are decorated using hand cut stamps, trailed glazes, wax resist and brush work. The glazed pottery is finished in a propane kiln fired to 2400°F. Some pieces are embellished with polished copper and black onyx cabochons.

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