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Amy Keller

Kimmel Foundation Emerging Artist - Literature Award

Amy Keller was the creator and co-editor of The Lincoln Underground literary magazine from 2012-2017. She has also written three unpublished novels, and had her poetry and prose published in Illuminations, the literary journal of Southeast Community College, as well as The Lincoln Underground. In addition, she is a singer-songwriter, having written over one hundred songs and performed at a variety of venues, including coffeeshops, peace rallies, and academic forums. She is currently working on a collection of personal essays and writing songs for her fourth self-recorded album. She lives in a 115-year-old house in the near south area of Lincoln, Nebraska, with her poet husband Jeff Martinson, their daughter, Astrid, their collie Freddie, two cats, and a guinea pig. She loves coffee, books, collecting anything cute, painting, journaling, traveling, and being part of the BTS ARMY fandom.


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