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Block 52 (Lumberworks Block)

Larry Enersen Urban Design Award

Block 52 of the Original Plat of Lincoln is the block bounded by O, N, Canopy, and 8th Streets. The streetscape project addressed the LES substation on the block. Art panels were incorporated in a screen wall along N Street, in an entryway feature at the corner of 8th and N, and in a canopy structure along 8th Street. These art panels incorporate Haymarket/South Haymarket buildings, a locomotive, a photograph of historic Haymarket workers, and product labels from items that were produced in the area. The N Street screen wall also incorporates 5 panels which provide a brief history of the area.

The block also includes the new Canopy Row building and the Schwarz building which has been renovated for commercial and residential uses. Canopy Row contains office space, residential units, and a grocery store. As part of the streetscape, this project added sections of historic canopy south of O Street, extending the Canopy into South Haymarket. Art panels were added to the public stairwell façade on Canopy Street, incorporating a spice can design from a Haymarket business.

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