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Robert Esquivel

Artistic Achievement – Visual Award

Robert Esquivel always had a love affair with color.  Maybe it’s his Latino background, maybe it was all those brightly colored crayons he ate when he was growing up.  Whatever it was, his work, in whatever medium, is a celebration of color. His artistic influences come from Abstract and Neo Expressionism, inspired by elements of Art Brut, Indigenous Art and Magical Realism. Subject matter comes to him from the well of spontaneity, and the mystery of the world around him, all viewed through the lens of his own artistic influences. He endeavors to express in his work a glimpse into wherever he currently happens to be in life’s journey. He finds his work to be the most successful when it touches a common place in a viewer. For in the end, regardless of our beginnings, we are all voyagers on passing ships, sharing the journey for part of the way.

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