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Vision Maker Film Festival

Outstanding Event Award

As Vision Maker Media approaches their 44th year delivering the highest quality Native American films to public television and online mediums, they also near their 8th year hosting the biennial Vision Maker film Festival, which will be held again in April 22-30, 2020. Every other year, this festival showcases the best American Indian, Alaska Native and worldwide Indigenous films. Accompanying the films, the festival gathers a collective of our most inspiring filmmakers and Native celebrities to engage our community in important and captivating public conversations, creating a space for both healing and learning. The Vision Maker Film Festival celebrates and explores Native culture, cultivates greater community understanding, and brings together hundreds of community members from all over Nebraska. Vision Maker Media is the premiere source of US documentaries by and about American Indians and Alaska Natives. They empower and engage Native People to share stories, and envision a world changed and healed by understanding Native stories and the public conversations they generate. 

Sponsored by

Marc & Kathy LeBaron