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Wendy Jane Bantam

Artistic Achievement Award - Visual Arts

Recognizes excellence and accomplishment in any of the visual arts, including theatre & film.



Why Art?

Where did the idea to become an artist come from? The idea came from a desire for change. Through the process of creating with music, writing, paint, and ink, I found a way to communicate. The desire to work as an artist started with wanting to touch the heart of my family. There are only two reasons to become an artist. To escape the truly disappointing nature of reality or embed yourself in the reality, draw the truth out of it. Dress it up. Disguise it in a new language so people can tolerate it, and while they are tolerating the truth, inspire them to change it. To tell the truest story through art, for me, had to be a universal story. A universal story is one everyone can understand throughout the world. To tell one you only need to listen. That's what I try to work for. 

Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Judith Ruffo

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