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David Gracie

Kimmel Foundation Award - Visual






Why Art?

I paint to search for meaning and place. I paint to embrace ambiguity. I paint to think through material and action. I paint to ponder the immutable. I paint to ponder the ineffable. Each painting I make is a separate project. They are of objects, images and ideas that mediate my world. The studio is a privileged place for me. It is where I can take back my time and own my actions. I am looking for what happens when ideas begin to warp and complicate. The very silence and stillness of still life can be corrupted by the potential for narrative and metaphor. An attempt at objectivity and super-specificity in a portrait can make the abstractness of human experience more apparent. When the assumptions I have begin to fade I hope to get a glimpse of possibility. -David Gracie

Sponsored by Richard P. Kimmel and Laurine Kimmel Charitable Foundation

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