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Illuminating Lincoln: Lighthouse

Outstanding Event Award

Recognizes a performance, exhibition or project in the previous year (2014) that wil be notable in the community memory for years to come because of its content or cultural significance.


Why Art?

We had two goals for Lighthouse's 25th anniversary:  educate the public about the need for after-school programming, and raise funds and awareness of Lighthouse.   We decided the best way to reach these goals was by a public art project; Illuminating Lincoln; Lighthouse. We believe art...specifically artistically designed light bulbs...would be the universal language in which to communicate to the public about our goals. The light bulb, which is an icon of illumination, created wonderful conversations, a heightened sense of community, and the importance of Lighthouse and after-school programming. – Pete Allman, Lighthouse Founder

Sponsored by Natural Bed

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