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Karen Kunc

Artistic Achievement Award - Visual Arts

Recognizes excellence and accomplishment in any of the visual arts, including theatre & film.



Why Art?

Art has been my life, as a printmaker and teacher, and my artworks are the best way for me to speak emphatically about being in this world, offering questions and interpretations with an unmistakable visual sensibility that is my gift and responsibility. I need to share, to show “how to,” and to explain my art; it serves as a great point of reference to what our world holds, and to concepts of being. I know that this is my purpose for being an artist, and my art is important in this way.... it is bigger than myself! I feel this burden and obligation, a passion, and the pain, to be a conveyor of visual messages and to instigate awareness. - Karen Kunc

Sponsored by Judith and Joe Ruffo

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