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Lincoln Music Teachers Association

Gladys Lux Education Award

Recognizes special initiatives or dedication to arts education. 



Why Art?

Music is an innate language that people understand the world over.  Every culture, through its own songs, rhythms, and instruments, celebrates its important moments, remembers its history, and unites its community with music.  When we teach music lessons, we are helping students strengthen their academic skills (language, reasoning, math, memory, etc.) as well as teaching lessons in self-discipline, teamwork, creativity, problem- solving, and coordination.  In addition, music is important for healthy emotional development, stress relief, self- confidence, and self-expression.  The Music Outreach Program team believes that music study should be encouraged for all children, but especially for those at-risk children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to excel due to prohibitive costs. – Jessica Freeman, Lincoln Music Teachers Associationt

Sponsored by Gladys Lux Foundation

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