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Nebraska Girls Shakespeare Company

Richard Hay Outstanding Arts Organization

Recognizes an arts group that has made significant contributions to Lincoln’s arts community over a period of years.


Why Art?

Nebraska Girls' Shakespeare Company was founded in 2008 with the mission of empowering young women. The first Shakespeare Girls and their mentors decided to do this through theatre because it would allow them to break down barriers in casting and characters, as well as the areas of technical work. The company focuses on Shakespeare in particular because we flip the Elizabethan law against women actors on its head. In the past eight years, the company members have enjoyed building intra company relationships between generations of members and becoming a part of the Lincoln arts community. We are grateful to our "theatre moms" at the Angels Theatre Company for everything they've done for us, including facilitating this integration. We love being a part of the wider performing arts community locally.

Sponsored by Robert Hillestad

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