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Daniel Zebert

Kimmel Foundation Awards - Literary





About Daniel

Daniel Zebert has lived in Lincoln for over a decade, where he is involved with many organizations including the Nebraska craft beer movement and local cycling organizations. He participates’ in a weekly open mic event at a local coffee house where he reads original work and engages with the Lincoln literary community.

His style of poetry is underrepresented in Nebraska. “Too often,” says Zebert, “poetry from our state is relegated to the safe confines of a rustic farmhouse aesthetic where daily life is viewed outside-in through the lens of chicken-wire fence and ramshackle barnyard doors peeling white flaking paint. The work I create views Nebraska life from inside-out and validates the exploration of the internal struggle we all face under the scrutiny of the status-quo.”

Sponsored by Richard P. Kimmel & Laurine Kimmel Charitable Foundation

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