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Sarah Nguyen

Artistic Achievement Award - Youth    

Recognizes excellence and accomplishment in any arts discipline by a young person age 18 or younger.




About Sarah

My name is Sarah Hattan Nguyen. I am Vietnamese by blood and American by nationality, born on September 12, 2001 and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I went to Elliot Elementary, Park Middle School, and now am a senior at Lincoln High School. I adored the arts even before I went to school, and just knew that I was overflowing with creativity and passion from a young age. I started with drawing and continued with classical painting, while sometimes experimenting with sculpting. As I grew up, what I strive to be and what my goals and dreams are, became more specific and clear. What my simple hobbies were then, became my everything now. I genuinely want to learn everything that contributes to making a great art piece: the different techniques, culture, and history. I aspire to be a great artist one day, and surpass all the Old Masters that teach me from their paintings.

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