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Moments from the 44th Annual Mayor’s Arts Awards
"This is Your Brain on ART”


“A celebration of the artists and organizations who made a vibrant and lasting mark on the canvas of Lincoln’s art scene.”

That’s how Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird described Lincoln Arts’ 44th Mayor’s Arts Awards and she couldn’t be more right! Because the Mayor’s Arts Awards was just that—a celebration. A night of good laughter, great food, and even better company. A time to recognize the artists, organizations, and arts projects in our community that have all made lasting impact. We must thank our partners, collaborators, sponsors, and, of course, our award honorees for making this year’s awards ceremony such a wonderful success!

Event Sponsors

Our Contributors

  • CSF
  • Allo
  • Ameritas
  • AngleTrust
  • Aspegren
  • AyarsandAyars
  • BlackHillsEnergy
  • Bison
  • BVH
  • CanopyStreetMarket
  • CornhuskerHotel
  • DA
  • Dahlsten
  • Doane
  • Duteau
  • Firespring
  • FNBO
  • PFF
  • Gagner
  • Letheby
  • LCF
  • LincolnIndustries
  • Lottery
  • Olsson
  • Pepsi
  • PinnacleBank
  • RussMarket
  • SandhillsGlobal
  • Sinclair
  • SCC
  • Studio951
  • UBT
  • WRK