Are you among the 67% of Americans who believe the arts unify our community? Or the 63% who feel the arts can lift them up beyond everyday experiences? At the Lincoln Arts Council (LAC) we know the arts can do just that. We believe the Arts can inspire, connect and empower us.

Take Oscar for example. One of the youngest students in the Pathfinder program at the Youth Detention Center. Cloaking himself in a tough exterior, he was constantly reprimanded for derogatory remarks and excess energy. But in the art room, through LAC’s upstArt program, it didn’t take long to see the authentic Oscar become empowered through artistic expression. Art clearly made him feel better about himself. And, as we hear from so many students, he said that “being able to do art calms him down.”

Bringing enriching arts engagement opportunities to students like Oscar is just one way LAC connects our community to the arts. LAC Project Grants help arts organizations reach under-resourced populations. And, our Emerging Artist Program provides opportunities for new artists like photographer Corey Rourke who was featured at the 2018 Lincoln Arts Festival.

We live in a community where access to life-changing arts experiences like Oscar’s and Corey’s are an important part of who we are; and yet not all our neighbors have access to opportunities to make art, experience art, enjoy art….be changed by art.

You can help change that. LAC is developing a new vision for arts engagement in Lincoln making sure everyone has enriching arts opportunities. Your gift will go a long way in ensuring that life-changing arts experiences are available to all in our community.

Together, we can create more arts encounters that inspire, connect and empower. Will you join us?

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