Lincoln Arts Council

Jackie Allen's Vocal Music Residency

In April of 2015, local Jazz Music Artist Jackie Allen worked in Prescott Elementary's vocal music classes with 5th grade students to explore and experiment with jazz and blues music. Through collaboration with the classroom music teacher, Mrs. Linda Robison, an exciting and energetic curriculum was created to help students learn about the extensive history of jazz and blues music, and create compositions using real thoughts and emotions. Students worked with Allen to physically act out the beat and rhythm of this genre of music, and explored scatting with one another. The energy and willingness to participate brought these classes to life, and the students were able to find some artistry in their ideas. About the responsiveness of the children, Allen said, "While students lead scatting (vocal improvisation) to the rest of the class, a number of them, although hesitant to create something so abstract and spontaneous, showed a lot of pride and spirit in their creation. The rest of the class responded very enthusiastically as well.” Allen helped the children to develop their music skills and confidence in creating their own art, and allowed them to perform for others to create a respectful, innovative community in the classroom. Check out the photos below to see Jackie Allen in action with the students and some of their own blues creations!

"Arts education is vital to all schools, but it is even more vital to children in a title school because school may be the only exposure to the arts that some students receive.  Enrichment in the arts should be an integral part of every child's life." - Linda Robison, Prescott Elementary School

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