Lincoln Arts Council Celebrates 50 Years with ‘Snowcatcher’

In the winter of 1888 a ferocious blizzard rips through the prairie without warning, leaving thousands of children struggling to find their way safely home from school. Six year-old Hattie is stranded in the blizzard, somewhere between "a dream and here with me now." She is driven by a haunting vision: Her secret friend is trapped in the storm.  Hattie knows what happens to children in a blizzard. One touch from the SNOWCATCHER will turn them into ice! Will she be able to save her friend without meeting the SNOWCATCHER?

SNOWCATCHER is a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of the American Homesteader, and to all those who came before them.  This performance deals with challenging themes, including bereavement, and is appropriate for family audiences aged 8 and up.

Written and performed by Becky Boesen
Directed by Robin McKercher
Produced by BLIXT
Commissioned by the Midwest Theater, Scottsbluff, and the Lincoln Arts Council in honor of its 50th Anniversary
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In Collaboration with:
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