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Campbell Elementary School

“With Our Own Hands:  The Weaving Project”
Campbell Art Specialist:  Pam King

Artist Educator:  Wendy Weiss

Not only did fifth graders at Campbell Elementary School learn diverse weaving techniques, they also built their own looms!  This 8-week project focused on the calming effects of working with one’s hands to create a painted portraits which was then cut apart and woven together with yarn to create a new work of art.  The beautiful woven portraits created by the students will soon be on exhibition at an “opening” at Campbell, and students are left with confidence not only to create, but to build what they need to create from scratch.

During the classroom work, a student became upset when her work took a different turn than expected.  A fellow student stepped away from his work and joined her, calming her down and complimenting her on her process.  He reminded her that it’s okay to created something different, and also was kind, creating an atmosphere where she could calmly think about where her project veered and address it in a way that pleased her.  Peer helpfulness is a hallmark of social and emotional arts learning, and it really made a difference that day.

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