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At the Lincoln Arts Council, we understand that the arts are an integral part of a vital community.  We champion the known economic impact, civic beautification, and innate joy the arts provide to Lincoln.  However, there is something more intricate, something vital, something transformational happening every day in our Educational and Engagement Program that connects people of all ages, and changes lives in ways that will have an extraordinary effect on Lincoln for decades to come.

Look closer…

There are some bridges in our community that need gapped.  Poverty, trauma, grief, hunger, loneliness, learning and physical differences, as well as the day-to-day business of being a young person can create such a gap.  

That’s where high-quality arts education fits.

Did you know that when a child who is presented with daily prohibitions is provided with artistic affirmations, they are more likely to be able to overcome challenges and have a more equitable life experience?

Did you know that theatre, dance, visual arts, and music are the most specialized area of education to speak to the needs of the whole child through project-based learning?

Did you know that when a program pairs an extraordinary Artist Educator who emphasizes the importance of social and emotional learning in a classroom in their curriculum and culture, students who have not thrived in traditional settings become leaders?

The Lincoln Arts Council, in partnership with our Education and Engagement partners at BLIXT, are committed to bridging the gaps faced by children (and adults) in Lincoln.  We offer a passage across the bridge with specialized arts curriculum and talented educators. We create a safe place where individuality is not only championed, but cultivated.  We take each student we work with by the hand. We may share an idea or two about how to cross that bridge, but instead of telling our students “how” or handing them a worksheet, we guide them in creating their own beautiful path, on their own terms, and do you know what?  They create, and they heal, and they allow us to follow them on the journey.

Arts education transforms and saves lives.  

Here is an example of some of the remarkable Education and Engagement Program experiences provided by the Lincoln Arts Council and BLIXT in the 2017 - 18 school year.