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McPhee Elementary

Dates: September 2019

Teacher: Meghan Stock

Teaching Artist: Tevin Hansen

Grade/s: 4th

Residency Description:

Students read Tevin Hansen's Junkyard book series in small groups during guided reading time. They then had multiple discussions and presentations from the author about the creative process. What it looks like to start a book from start to finish including character development and different drafts of illustrations. Students then had time to write their own stories inspired by the Junkyard Series books. We worked on different literary elements that are needed for a story (characters, intro, conflict, ending etc.) They then illustrated a scene from their personal stories. Once these were finished the students printed the stories out and read them in front of the green screen so we could transpose themselves "into" their illustrations. Students then had a discussion about book cover art and layering, and then designed their own covers. 

This was another integrated residency in which art was used to teach a core subject – in this case reading and writing. The ability to tell a story and organize an idea is a 4th grade art standard, so the teacher creatively adhered to her curriculum while finding a way to adapt it to another subject.

Teaching artist Tevin Hansen reflected: “My best memories were when I would go around the tables and ask the kids who were hard at work... “What are you working on?” And sensing that I wasn’t about to make fun of them, they would open up and show me their sketches or explain the story idea they had. After a brief conversation about any number of directions they could take the story, I loved how their eyes would light up, and they would talk so fast, rattling off idea after idea...and then completely ignore me and dive back into their project. Then I would move on to the next student, and the was great."